We take pride in the quality of service we provide to our clients and we continue to strive for a superior level of service and dedication through various established firm policies which our professional staff is required to adhere to. Such policies are as follows:

  1. Accounting, auditing and tax education programs are required for the internal growth of our professional staff in matters that directly relate to aspects of our client’s business and financial operations.

  2. A complete technical reference library is maintained to assist the professional staff in learning and solving tax, accounting and audit related problems

  3. Distribution of monthly tax, accounting and audit publications to professional staff to keep abreast of ongoing changes in such matters that affect our client’s business.

  4. Established qualifications and guidelines for hiring and evaluating new and existing professional staff and to monitor the progress of each individual so that quality staff accountants are maintained.

  5. Standard forms, workpapers, checklists and questionnaires are required on all engagements to assist the professional staff and insure the comprehensive performance of required procedures.

  6. All engagement working papers are reviewed by the partner in charge along with “In House” quality review inspections by partners independent of the client to monitor the quality of work performed and provide constructive suggestions for improvement.

  7. All financial statements and tax returns are reviewed by at least two partners for quality control.

  8. Weekly and monthly partner meeting and monthly staff meetings are held to keep both partners and staff updated on client related matters and provide a forum for constructive recommendations on how to improve service to our clients.

  9. Examination of our firm’s system of quality control by an independent accounting firm every three years for which our firm has received unqualified opinions reflecting our compliance with AICPA’s standards for quality control policies and procedures.  A copy of our latest peer review report is available upon request.

Along with the above mentioned internal policies, our dedication to our clients include many services that are not common practice for most accounting firms. These include:

  1. Provide tax planning on an ongoing basis to give clients the full benefit of the tax law. Our firm’s reputation as aggressive, knowledgeable tax consultants is an important aspect of our practice that we continually focus attention to because of its direct financial benefit to our clients. We take every opportunity to advise our clients of tax law changes that can save tax dollars through monthly newsletters, personal conferences and tax review programs to maintain that services for which we take personal pride.

  2. Provide all negotiations necessary to buy or sell any business.

  3. Provide guidance with personal financial planning to obtain financial goals and retirement security for our clients.

  4. Availability of professional staff for telephone calls and questions which in most cases can be answered quickly and efficiently.

  5. Provide and/or assist with estate planning strategies so that the estate is not left with unnecessary tax burdens and simultaneously fulfill the intent of the estate.

  6. Provide Management Advisory Services which include cost accounting, purchase or lease decisions, accounting systems review and recommendations, safeguarding of business assets through reviews and recommendations on internal control systems.

  7. Assist in obtaining financing for personal and business purposes through our firm’s relationships with various lending institutions in the area.

  8. Assist and plan for audits by outside government agencies to ensure that client’s rights under various laws are upheld and our clients get every benefit allowed through our knowledge of such laws and our commitment to “aggressively” pursue the best interest of our clients.

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